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Seasonal Membership May 2024 - Nov 2024
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New Moon Community Homestead connects people, nature and food. Seasonal memberships get you food boxes of veggies, eggs and meat, the opportunity to participate in farm work, and enjoy recreational access to the beautiful farm and forest.

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Farm Access

You will be invited to engage in farm work and develop a relationship with your food. You can also play, hike and explore on the stunning 200 acre farm.

Healthy Produce

At least 13 veggie boxes from our organically-grown garden. Plus invitations to pick your own surplus produce when available.

Pastured Chicken & Farm Fresh Eggs

Receive 6 whole cornish-cross chickens, pasture-raised and organically fed. Also receive 26 dozen eggs from our free-range, organically fed flock.

Our farm

We take pride in our farm and the exceptional products it yields. From farm-fresh eggs to organic meats, our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices sets us apart. Visit our farm to experience the connection between nature and your plate.



What is a Community Homestead?

Whereas a traditional homestead supports a single family, our community homestead model is designed to allow a community of people to participate in farm life and develop a relationship with their food, farming, and nature. You are invited to be part of the farm in whatever way works for you and your family. Get your hands dirty at work, enjoy the nature of the farm, participate in workshops, or play around the community store. Some members dig in deep with on farm activity and some members are here less, but want to support the vision and mission of the farm. Whatever your motivation, we appreciate you.

What is involved in a membership?

1. Fresh Food -- Members will receive:

  • 13 veggie boxes from our biodynamic, organically grown (not certified) market garden. You will also be invited to pick-your own extra produce whenever surplus is available. (See our 2023 growing list here - with changes in 2024)
  • 26 dozen eggs from our free-range, organically fed flock.
  •  Six whole cornish-cross chickens (pasture raised and organically fed) (approximately 6 lbs each, which is nearly twice the size of a grocery store rotisserie chicken).
  • In town or on farm food pickup – In town pick up will be on Thursday’s from 5-7pm at a central location in London (TBD). Anyone can pick up on the farm as well, and we may have baskets with us at the Ilderton Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Details on this are still to be solidified.
  • Veggie baskets will start around the second or third week of June and run until mid October.

*** Vegan packages do not include meat or eggs
*** Vegetarian packages do not include meat
*** Half memberships get exactly half of the produce, meat, and eggs of the full membership


2. Farm Access

Your membership will gain you access to the beautiful 200 acre farm as well as the natural features of the forest and the Ausable River which winds throughout the property. Tour the gardens. Meet the animals. Pack a picnic, take a hike, or relax on the shady porch of our community store while watching your kids run and play. Bring your own canoe and paddle the river. This is your household’s special oasis to enjoy the beautiful balance of farm and nature. Camping opportunities are also available.


3. Engage in the Production of Your Food

You will be invited to get involved in the work of tending to the gardens and animals as much as you would like. You will be notified of opportunities to lend a hand around the farm. There is no obligation to do work!!


4. Protect and Support

Ten percent of every membership package will go directly to ROSE, the not-for profit Land Care Association responsible for protecting and maintaining this agricultural land. This will also allow you to be a member of the land care association, attend general meetings, and be part of a broader movement for protecting agricultural land for future generations.

Cost and Payments


  • Full membership - $1200 ($700 half)
  • Vegetarian - $1050 ($600 half)
  • Vegan - $950 ($525 half)
***If cost is prohibitive please reach out to us to discuss alternative arrangements. We want everyone to have access to amazing food and farm experiences. We are committed to working with you!!


Payments can be made in one lump sum or broken up into four equal payments. If you need to explore a different payment schedule, please contact us to discuss. We want you to join us and we can be flexible. E-transfers can be sent to Post Dated cheques can be made out to - New Moon Community Homestead

Note to those considering membership:

Our goal is to ensure our members feel that they are well taken care of and experience the abundance of food, nature, and community that this farm has to offer. It is important to know that this is our second year in operation and we are continuing to learn and develop processes as we go. We ask that members are flexible through this season and will work with us to create the best practices going forward. Some things to consider.

  1. Eggs - Because we have some new laying hens, at the beginning of the season some of the eggs will be a bit smaller and then grow as the hens reach more maturity.
  2. Veggies - We are trying to time our planting to ensure harvest at different times of the season so that you will receive a variety of veggies on a regular basis. However, depending on how successful crops are, we may have an abundance or shortage of veggies at a given point in time.
  3. On farm visiting and camping policies - we will be developing an orientation package for on-farm visits so that we all are on the same page in terms of how the farm can be used and where members have access to. We will also create a schedule throughout the week for drop in times when trails and the store centre are open.
  4. Orientation - we will host an orientation session with all the members in late June. If anyone cannot make it we can do an orientation session with you at a time that works.
  5. Get creative - In addition to activities planned by New Moon Community Homestead, we are hoping that the community of members will become a self organising group as well. Perhaps someone wants to show the rest of the group how to make the best pickled eggs, or another member wants to host a study night. Start thinking about what you may want to do. There is no obligation to do any of this, but the opportunity is there.

Contact: for more information or special requests call Kristina at 519-777-6589, Mike at 226-926-0360 or email us at